Saturday, July 09, 2016

Shinko 705 Rear Tire Installed

10,441 Miles

Rear Tire Installed

The bike came with Mitas E07 on the rear and Shinko 705 up front. I had a brand new Shinko 705 in my garage for DL1000. I decided to install the Shinko on NanC, the NC700X, and move the Mitas to DLilah. Mita can still go for another 5,000 miles or so.

Rear Tire Installed

I also installed Acerbis handguards.


Monday, July 04, 2016

Front/Rear Sprockets & Chain replacement

45,339 miles

I didn't know when the sprockets and chain were replaced last. But they were getting a bit worn out. So I found the OEM sprocket/chain set on eBay for less than $100.

I also wanted to try something new - screw on master link.  So I went to Amazon and bought EK Chain Screw Connecting Link.

The process is pretty much the same for any bike.
  1. Take front sprocket cover off. - You have to take off the clutch slave cylinder and left step before you can take the sprocket cover off.
  2. Stick 2x4 through the rear wheel and on the swing arm.
  3. Undo the front sprocket bolt - for VStrom there is a secondary bolt (allen head) that you need to undo. To take off the main nut, impact wrench is your best friend.
  4. Cut chain.
  5. Take rear wheel off - swap out the rear sprocket.
  6. Put the front sprocket on, but not tighten anything.
  7. Put the chain on - use the master link.
  8. Tighten the front sprocket.
  9. Put everything else back on.
  10. Adjust the chain tension on the side stand: 20-30 mm.

The center allen head bolt is the speed sensor bolt. Undo this first.

Then, undo this 32 mm nut.

I cut the chain with the cutting disk.

Replacing the rear sprocket.

Here I am working with the screw-on type of master link. Following the instruction and screwing the provided press-nuts a little at time. Keep screwing until it bottoms out. Then pull the nuts back a bit and break it off.

At the end it looks like this.

And she is all done!

Happy riding!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tool Tubes Installed

Found "Manual Canisters". I will put tools in one. I will put either water bottle or fuel bottle in one. (Depending on the trip necessity)

I put them inside of rear luggage rack.

Here is how they looked at the end.

I used total of four clamps = 2 bags.

each clamp looks like this.

The top of the tube = back of the bike

I think I have enough clearance with the width of the tire.

Like that and I'm done!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Welcome NC700X DCT

Joining my stable

2015 Honda NC700X DCT/ABS with 9,735 miles

Well farled with
I think that's about it. 
That's $3,291.68 worth of farkles!
Ok, I feel good about my purchase now.

Good-bye Burgman

Monday, May 23, 2016

V-Strom Smoking

One day last week, I turned on the engine. It idled..., then smoke start billowing from the back of left rear side panel. 

Hmmmm..... Not good. 

After this incident, I've noticed that I'm not getting enough voltage to charge the battery. Putting this info and where the smoke came from, I called the voltage regulator / rectifier the culprit.

After examining, sure enough. 

Luckily, I had a back up. Installed it and she is getting 14.5 volt again.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

DL1000 maintenance

45,268 miles

Getting lots of maintenance done lately. 

Air Ffilter replacement
Spark plugs

Lots more to do. 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Avalon Oil Change

First time doing oil change for Avalon myself.

@ 80,800miles

STP oil/oil filter combo was on sale for $19.00 at Auto Zone. So I used it.

5qt of 5w-30... 5 qt is a lot of oil. My oil pan gets FULL!

Not too happy with Toyota for putting the oil filter where it is.

  1. It is impossible not to spill any oil.
  2. With warm engine, you will burn your arm trying to remove/install oil filter.

Good to go for another 3,000 miles.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

lowering link and handlebar riser

Installed lowering link (150mm) and 2 inch Rex Risers.

Ordered 150mm lowering link from Adventure Tech.

And ordered Galfer Stainless Steele 2+ inch brake lines from SV Racing Parts.

Installing the front brake lines. I also bought a banjo bolt bleeder at the master cylinder - using the Heineken bottle to bleed.

I scored the Rox Risers on eBay.

Lowering the Bike: The bike is a lot easier to handle, but I don't like the looks or the feeling. I'm really torn. 
  • What I like the best is that I can saddle up without putting the side stand down.
  • What I like the least is that I can't put the center stand down anymore.
Rex Risers: It is a 2 inch pivot risers. The handle bar is now higher and closer to me. I think it will make the longer rider easier. But I am concerned about the clutch line. I just need about 0.5 inches longer.When I extend it to fully right, I can see the clutch hose extending.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Avalon: Battery light came on ...

During commute - battery lights flickers a few times.... then it decides to stay on.
Got home, checked the voltage at the battery terminal.

@ idel = 13.5 volts

hmmm... a bit low.

@ 3,000 rmp = 16 - 17 volts


It looks like the voltage regulator is shot.

Posted this on forum - 

And it looks like the regulator is inside of the alternator.

Another Amazon purchase... gee

Another $100 ish purchase....

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Avalon P0155

78,0000 miles

Oxgen sensor malfunction......
P0155 - bank 2 sensor 1
That means the easy one to get to. Right on top of the manifold when you open the hood.

ordered one off Amazon at nearly $100.00 - not cheap. but it came with a small tube of anti seize. that was considerate.

took me about 10 min to complete the job. no more check engine light.