Sunday, November 16, 2014

close one....

It was Sunday PM.  I'm riding my Goldwing through a nice TEXAS two lane highway.  I come up to two Harleys going about 5 miles below speed limit.  I didn't want to be rude, so I decided to ride behind them.  This went on for about 5 miles.
We come up to a pick up truck, which was driving even slower than those Harleys.  Those HD boys don't want to pass this truck.  I tried to be patient and follow them.  This goes on for another 5 miles or so.

I'm getting a bit impatient.  About at this time, the leader of those two, finally decides to pass the truck at a nice stretch.  No car is coming on the opposite lane.  I'm thinking "It's clear boys. Let me see how fast your HDs can go!"  It would have been a EASY pass for all three of us.

All three of us are on the opposite lane in the passing action.  Next moment, the leader pass the truck completely and moves to the right lane.  I expect the second guy and me to follow him.

All of the sudden, the leader puts on the left turn signal to go into a bar on the left, making a sudden left turn.  The pick up truck brakes.  The 2nd Harley guy almost run into this dude turning in front of him.  I am trying not to run into this 2nd Harley guy.

Lessons learned: Don't follow strangers on bikes.  Don't expect people to be a smart rider/driver.  Expect people to pull stupid stunts.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Goldwing Oil Change

54,430 miles

I was going to change the oil soon after my summer Georgia trip, but things got crazy...  The manual states to change oil every 5,000 miles.  So I am still within the rage.

Again, I am using the Chevron Delo oil, as it did great since the last change.  This cuts my oil cost in 1/2, not bad.  I still have a bunch of Honda oil filter that I inherited.  So no cost there either.

Happy riding.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Scarver Battery Replaced

35,400 Miles

Scarver dies on the way home from work.  Details later.

Ordered Bike Master battery and installed it.  Everything is good.

Last battery change was January of 2012.  I guess this battery will be good for another 2.5 years.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

New Rear Tire

34,100 miles

Had a new rear tire mounted on Scarver.

Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire Rear 160/60-17

I should be good for another year or so.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Coils for Camry

188,300 miles

While my wife was driving the Camry, the check engine light came on.  My wife told me that car was shaking. So we had it towed to our nearby service station. They ran the engine code and they found that some of the cylinders were miss firing. They changed the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

It ran okay for one day then the check light came back on again and the engine started to misfire. So I change the ignition coils with Denso coils.  We've got it running good now.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Goldwing Alternator Trouble

52,800 miles

While riding in Georgia, North Carolina, & Tennessee, I noticed that my voltage was fluctuating a bit.  The day would typically begin at 14.2 volt.  After 30 min. or so of riding, the voltage would drop down to 13.5 volt.  I knew I could live with 13.5 volt since it was still charged my battery.

I still was riding the bike as is.  No big deal.  It's still charging.  BUT last week, the voltage meter began showing lower than 13.5.  That concerned me.

Last time when I was stranded due to the failed alternator, I pulled out the old alternator and reconditioned it.

All good!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scarver Seat Cover

My Scarver seat had crinkled when I bought it a few years ago. It never really bothered me, but I decided to re-cover it. I found this cover on Ebay - sold by comboguy.

The installation went smoothly.  The direction is included in the package and it was helpful.  The original seat cover is glued to the seat foam, so you HAVE TO cover it.

This is the way the bike came.

Here is the new cover.

And its back side.

Authentic Enduratex?  I guess it's made of some special seat cover material.

All you have to do is to align it and start using stable gun to staple it.  As directed, I used 5/16 size of staple.

And that's it.  It took about one hour to complete it.  Now I will test it in a week or two.  Before I test it, I need to replace the rear tire.....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

34,100 miles

My rear tire is showing the steel belt.  Time for a new rear tire.  Just ordered one from Amazon.

Last change was at 24,150 miles, so it lasted exactly 10,000 miles.  I think that's average.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scarver Oil Change

34,000 miles... wow, I can't believe it.  It's been 3 years and 3 months since the purchase and I put about 28,000 miles on it.

I hit 34,000 last week during the commute.  She deserves an oil change.  As usual, go get the oil filter (kit with washers) from Gulf Coast BMW in South Houston.  $19.xx with sales tax.

I still had some Amsoil which my buddy John gave me.  I used 2.5 litter of that.

$20.00 for oil change is not bad, is it.  Next oil change will be at 40,000 miles - probably the end of 2014.


Happy riding, everyone.

PS.  I do need to check the valve lash and change spark plug.  But I will wait to do that until next weekend - Labor Day weekend.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Georgia '14 - Day 3

Day 3
Ellijay, GA - Robbinsville, NC

We took an early morning ride from Ellijay to Robbinsville via Chalohala Skyway.  Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy and foggy, but we had a blast.

First we stopped at a drive-in.

Check out the price of a burger here - $2.15.  I haven't see price like this in long time.  I didn't order anything there, but I wonder what that burger is like.

Nice drizzly ride.

Still lots of fun!  We reached at the highest point of the skyway.

After our morning fun, we stopped at Lynn's Place to grab a bite. 

Then off to our camp site, Cheoah Point campground.

We had the reservation at site #23, but that site was completely trashed - dirty diapers in fire ring and other garbage!  So we decided to go take another site - #14.  It worked out GREAT.

Then a thunder storm came through our campground.  Everyone evacuated to under my tarp.  9 foot tarp with 3 guys under it.  ;-)

After the storm passed, we took off to Deals Gap Resort.  The resort is typically open until 7 pm, but because of the storm, it was already closed when we arrived at 5.  Bummer.

Back to our campsite, build fire, and dinner.

When I saw this Pad Thai package, I was so excited.  I get to have Thai food at the camp ground!  But the food was NASTY.  I ate it because I was hungry, but I threw away more than half of it.

We were tired.  As the sun set, so did we.