R1150GS Maintenance

Oil/Oil Filter Change & Final Drive Gear Oil Change

@ 47,874 miles

Changing oil on my GS is a kind of pain. I need to take off the engine guard since the belly pan is part of the engine guard. Belly pan needs to come off to access the oil filter.

BUT in order to take off the engine guard, the tank needs to come off. Since the tank needs to come off, I try to run as much gas as possible out of the tank.

Once the oil is changed, I usually put the tank back on, run the bike for 5-10 min to check for a leak. If no leak, I take the tank off, put the engine guard back on, put the tank back on, then I'm done.

I'm trying 20W-50 Valvoline Full Synthetic this time.

Looking at the belly of the bike from the ground after draining oil and removing the oil filter.

Removed filter and the drain bolt.

So here is an interesting write up by a chemist whether to use synthetic oil or not.

BMW MOW Forum https://forums.bmwmoa.org/showthread.php?72513-Transmission-and-Final-Drive-Fluid-Change-2002-R1150RS&p=934148&viewfull=1#post934148

According to him, R1150GS' gaskets aren't made for synthetic oil. If you use synthetic, the gasket will fail prematurely. Maybe....

So I'm trying the dino oil this time.

It's good to go for another 6,000 miles. Looking forward to the camping trips.