New Tires & Rear Brake Pads for R1150GS

51,316 miles

Replaced Shinko 804/805 with Shinko 705s. These definitely give me smoother ride. I use them on NC700X, so I am familiar with the feel and what it can do.

Then I started to replace all my brake pads. I started with the rear. Driving a retention pin to get the pads out was a bit weird. I was not used to that. But the rear went smoothly.

Here are the steps I took.

  1. Remove the ABS sensor cable out of the retainer rubber grommet.
  2. With a hammer and punch, drive the retention pin out loose, but not out completely.
  3. Remove both caliper bolt.
  4. While the old pads are still in the caliper, pry and push the caliper piston back into the caliper all the way.
  5. Remove the retention pin and pad. Clean the pin.
  6. Install the new pad and insert the retention pin, but not all the way. No hammering yet.
  7. Install the caliper onto the bike. (40 Nm)
  8. With a hammer and a punch, drive the retention pin back into its place.
  9. Put the ABS sensor cable back into the rubber grommet.

The front should have been REALLY simple. Just screw out the retention torx bolt out. You don't even need to take the caliper off the bike like the rear. However, it appears that I bought a set of wrong brake pads.

EBC FA294HH was 1mm too wide to slide in. Bummer. 

It appears that EBC FA335HH is the right one... It's time to go find them locally.

UPDATE: 5/15/19
It IS FA335HH. Installed and she is ready to go!