R1200GSA Front Shock

27,000 miles
After a nice day trip, I noticed that the front of the engine was covered with oil. Real thick, almost gooey oil. Also the back half of the front fender was covered with the same stuff.

Then I noticed where that was coming from. Yes, I see the bottom of the front shock is all dirty.
It looks like the front shock is finished.

I do a bit of research. I've contacted a few places to rebuild the OEM shock.... around $400.00. But there is no guarantee the seal will bust again. So looked around more and found Mr. Ted Porter's Beemershop. https://www.beemershop.com People (online forums) are talking a lot about him and the shocks he sells. I had a few email communications with him and settled on the TracTive shock which comes with 5 year warranty. It wasn't cheap. =(

There is no BMW dealer or indy shop to replace the shock in my town. So I do it. Saved around $300.00.

It took me about 5 hours to get everything done. It was fist time getting the tank and the air box out. I think I did a OK job.

It's been all buttoned up and good to go.